Quartz Bathroom Backsplash
24" Bathroom Quartz Backsplash in Dune 24" Quartz Backsplash in Whisper White (VNQB246) 30" Quartz Backsplash in Dune (VNQB300) 30" Quartz Backsplash in Whisper White (VNQB306) 36" Quartz Backsplash in Dune 36" Quartz Backsplash in Whisper White (VNQB366) 48" Quartz Backsplash in Dune (VNQB480) 48" Quartz Backsplash in Whisper White (VNQB486) 60" Quartz Backsplash in Dune (VNQB600) 60" Quartz Backsplash in Whisper White (VNQB606) 72" Quartz Backsplash in Dune 72" Quartz Backsplash in Whisper White (VNQB726)

Quartz Backsplashes

Bathroom stone vanity backsplashes

  •   Dune
  •   Whisper White

  •   24
  •   30
  •   36
  •   48
  •   60
  •   72

Product #VNQB


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$138.00 - $358.00
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Extremely durable and visually appealing, these lightly polished quartz backsplashes deliver the look of stone, with easy maintenance. The finish is nonporous, so it is scratch and stain resistant; it never needs to be sealed. The warm neutral tones are ideal when combined with our Handcrafted vanity bases and hammered copper sinks.


Since it is a stone that is non-porous and scratch resistant, quartz has a maintenance-free resilience with no need for sealing or polishing. With natural built-in anti-microbial protection, quartz is the perfect material to use in the bathroom for its ability to impede the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.



  • • Scratch and stain resistant
  • • Maintenance Free – Needs no sealing or polishing
  • • Non-porous; naturally resistant to mold and bacteria


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