• Nickel, Perfected.

    A Hammered Nickel Sink; Perfectly Luxurious, And Perfectly Livable

    Mojito Bar Prep Sink Mojito bar/prep sink in Polished Nickel

    A nickel finish sink? So beautiful, yet so many questions! How is this finish achieved? How does it hold up? Is it easy to maintain? How does it compare with stainless steel? Why would I choose Native Trails’ nickel over a traditional stainless steel sink or another luxurious alternative?

    The short of it - Yes! Our nickel is extremely durable and super easy to maintain. Due to the hammered texture, it is incredibly forgiving. Those nicks, dents, and scratches that occur during everyday use make a stainless steel sink look beat-up over time. But with Native Trails, they are practically invisible in a hammered Brushed Nickel sink, or in a Polished Nickel sink coated with MetalProtect®, our new sealer. Our nickel finishes are considered more luxurious and eye-catching than most stainless steel, and our processes for achieving these finishes are a significant reason why they maintain their luxe appeal over time.

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  • What Every Lover Should Know About Copper

    5 Things to Know About Copper & Love


    For everyone who has ever sunk deep into a copper bathtub and felt like a god or goddess, there’s a reason why—and it’s not just because copper naturally conducts heat and radiates luxury. Continue reading

  • Meet the "Masters of Flip" with Native Trails at KBIS 2017

    If you’re a "Masters of Flip" fan, you’ll be glad to know you can find the show’s hosts, Kortney and Dave Wilson, at the Native Trails KBIS 2017 Booth #S4608 on January 10 at 2:30 p.m. Continue reading

  • One Vanity, Styled Two Ways: Endless Bathroom Design Ideas to Steal

    Tips from Evelyn Eschun and the Toronto Interior Design Scene

    Evelyn Eschun
    In a sea of similarity, Cuzco bathroom vanity is frequently spotlighted as a unique option, and now its versatility and star power is more evident than ever. In “Evelyn’s Double Take,” Toronto designer Evelyn Eshun’s regular feature in Canadian Home Trends magazine, she dreamed up two completely different bathroom designs with one common denominator: Cuzco, by Native Trails. Continue reading

  • A Contemporary Home Office to Help Maximize Productivity

    Home Office Design and Décor Ideas

    Contemporary Concrete Desk  

    Last year, 24 percent of employed Americans did some or all of their work at home. This shifted focus, with more thought than ever being put into the creation of fun and efficient home office designs. This also means that what was once an unused alcove in the family home, now becomes a hub of creativity and productivity. (This can be all the more challenging when our attention spans are so easily affixed to social media, or the laundry awaiting in the next room.) Here are some expert office design ideas for a workspace that will keep you on track and show ’em who’s boss—even if the only one around to witness your professional achievements is your dog. Continue reading

  • 6 Tips for Designing a Home That Makes You Happy

    Boston Interior Designer Shares Top Ideas for Creating Feel-Good Spaces

     Elizabeth Swartz, ASID, Boston Interior Designer, Guest Blogger

    Elizabeth Swartz, ASID

    Guest Blogger


    How do you get a house to really look and feel like your home? Design and decorate your rooms so they look like people really live there and be invested in your home emotionally as well as financially. My focus in the 30-plus years I’ve practiced interior design has been on designing rooms that change the way people experience their homes.

    Here are some of my top tips for creating a home that makes you happy:

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  • Top Bathroom Mirror Trends

    How to Reflect Your Style with the Latest Looks, Finishes and Features


    “Don’t go thinking that just because your builder put in the big, wide mirror that it looks good, because it doesn’t,” says Dallas-based interior designer Carla Aston. This begs the question: If those enormous bathroom mirrors are out, what’s in? “Tall, slender mirrors that accentuate ceiling height and look luxurious,” says Aston. Also trending: mirrors in metallics (so glamorous) and reclaimed woods (so natural), round mirrors (so minimalist) and ornate or globally inspired mirrors (so eclectic). In other words, mirrors are now intended to reflect your personality as much as a piece of art might. Continue reading

  • Warm and Inviting Finishing Touches

    Style Guide: 10 Essential Accessories for Your Dining Table This Autumn

    Acacia Lazy Susan

    Leaves are tumbling from the sky, and temperatures are growing crisp enough to leave your windows open at night. You may have already invited a pumpkin-related ingredient into a recipe, and you’re likely to invite family and good friends over for brunch, a Halloween party, perhaps even a Thanksgiving celebration. Continue reading

  • 5 Ways to Rethink Your Dining Room, Starting at the Table

    Forget Everything you know about the Dining Table

    NativeStone Trestle Dining Table

    What’s the easiest way to bore your dinner party guests? Sit them down at a dining room set. You know, one of those stuffy setups where the walnut chairs coordinate perfectly with the walnut table, giving off an air of meh and blah with a side of playing it safe. Continue reading

  • Asian-Inspired Kitchen

    Expert Interior Design Ideas for Creating a Minimalist, Texture-Rich Kitchen Design


    Charmean Neithart, Charmean Neithart Interiors
    Guest Blogger

    When my clients requested a modern Japanese-inspired kitchen, I was thrilled. It’s rare that someone asks for that, and I really like doing something that you don’t see anywhere else. Plus, I once lived in Tokyo for a year and know the aesthetic—and I love it for its whimsy and its minimalism. This style of design is more about what you take out than what you put in.

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  • 9 Ways to Upgrade Your Laundry Room

    Tips for creating a functional and swoon-worthy laundry experience

    NativeStone Farmhouse 2418 utility sink in Ash NativeStone Farmhouse 2418 laundry/utility sink in Ash

    Once stuffed into the garage or basement along with all the other things you want to hide away, your laundry room is likely capturing more of your attention lately. If you’re contemplating ways to maximize its impact in your home, you’re right on trend, as this room has joined the list of spaces that homeowners want to be both functional and show-off-able. According to ThisOldHouse.com, we spend an average of eight hours doing laundry each week—and together are responsible for washing, drying, and folding 35 billion loads of laundry annually—so why not devote effort to improving this time-consuming experience? From snazzy sinks to storage solutions to how-did-I-ever-live-without-this-before extras, laundry rooms are decidedly more swoon-worthy these days. Here are nine trends that will make you want to call dibs on laundry forevermore. Continue reading

  • Native Trails Earns Two 2016 GREEN GOOD Design Awards

    Palomar Vanity Top with Integral Sink and Trough 48 recognized as “outstanding examples of Green Design”

     2016 Green Good Design Award

    Native Trails recently received 2016 GREEN GOOD Design Awards for two of its bathroom sinks, Palomar Vanity Top with Integral Sink and Trough 48. This is the fourth year Native Trails has been selected as a winner in this prestigious annual international competition. Palomar Vanity Top with Integral Sink is handcrafted of NativeStone®, the company’s innovative blend of cement and natural jute fiber. Trough 48 is a hand-hammered 48-inch copper sink, ideal for larger bathrooms. The sink is artisan crafted and forged of high-quality recycled copper, bringing modern functionality to this classic material.

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