Care and Cleaning

About hammered copper 

Copper basins come to life through a handcrafted process honed by centuries of tradition, skill, and experience. The hand hammered copper’s rich textured glow adds undisputable warmth to living and working spaces. 

Historically copper has been utilized for multiple purposes simply because it is such a time enduring metal and can even outlive most homes. Copper is a “living” metal which develops an increasingly beautiful patina over time. 

Want to see the transformation of living copper in action? Read our blog article.

Care & Maintenance of hammered copper 

All Finishes: Copper is easy to maintain, and our finishes are particularly simple since they do not show fingerprints as stainless steel or polished copper does. For daily cleaning, use mild soap and warm water. Keep your copper product clean and dry by wiping it down daily with a soft cloth. Abrasive cleaners or copper polish should never be used on our copper products as they may affect the finish. For extra protection, a product such as Flitz Faucet Wax + may be applied. 

The following is information specific to each finish:

Antique and Tempered Finishes: Copper is a living metal that will naturally patina over time. Our copper products are not lacquered or sealed; they will react to their environment as they develop character. Acidic substances such as lemons, ketchup or red wine may alter the copper finish after prolonged contact. Not to worry, in a short time (usually just days) it will naturally re-patina itself! Copper’s beauty is ever changing and no two pieces are ever alike.

Brushed Nickel Finish: Our Brushed Nickel finish is achieved by plating nickel over copper, followed by careful hand-brushing. It is a very easy finish to maintain. Acidic items left on the nickel finish for extended periods of time may leave a slight dark mark, but this is easily removed with Flitz Polish or chrome polish. 

About NativeStone® 

Handmade by artisans using a sustainable blend of natural materials, these eco-friendly sinks are lighter weight than traditional concrete sinks, and extraordinarily stain, scratch and crack resistant.

Our NativeStone® Collection is reinforced with natural jute fiber, an incredibly strong and sustainable material. The result is a much lighter weight product, about 40% lighter than standard concrete, as well as an extremely crack-resistant product. We also use an exclusive low-VOC nano- sealer that literally binds with the molecules in the concrete. This makes NativeStone® exceptionally stain resistant and scratch resistant. 

Care & Maintenance of NativeStone® 

All Finishes: NativeStone® is incredibly easy to keep looking like new. For maintenance, simply use mild, non-abrasive soap and cleaners. The sealer is highly stain and scratch resistant, however, normal care should be exercised and abrasives avoided. Our sealer is self-healing, which means in the unlikely event that you see slight staining on the surface of your sink, over time (usually just a few days) the stain will fade and eventually disappear. Wipe or rinse sink after use for best results.


Copper Care and Maintenance
Native Trails Care and Maintenance
NativeStone® Care and Maintenance

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