• Modern Rustic Design

    Naomi Neilson Howard, Founder, and CEO
    This article originally appeared in Modern Builder + Design.

    Today's Modern Rustic Homes Hit All The Right Notes With Builders and Homeowners.

    Modern Rustic Design - 24" Cuzco Vanity in Antique Copper 24" Cuzco Vanity in Antique

    Just as the most interesting paint colors are those that straddle two hues—i.e., the watery color created when blue and green mingle or the chic “greige” that comes from gray and beige—the most interesting homes color outside the lines of any one design style. “Rustic modern” may sound like an oxymoron, but the name (and others like “rustic contemporary” and “urban rustic”) suits this emerging design style perfectly. Today’s modern rustic homes hit all the right notes with builders and homeowners who seek eclectic spaces with the warmth and charm of an old farmhouse or ski lodge and the bells and whistles—and sophistication—of a new build. The following trends drive this movement. Continue reading

  • Five Things to Love About an Integrated Sink

    Integrated Sinks - Palomar Vanity Top with Integrated Sink width= Palomar Vanity Top with Integrated Sink in Ash

    Call it what you will—we hear “integrated sink countertop,” “counter sink,” “integral sink,” “single-piece vanity sink,” and all sorts of other variations—but a vanity top with a built-in sink has long been a popular choice in bathrooms and is emerging as a favorite look for modern kitchens, too. Today’s integrated sinks offer incredible variety, as they’re available in a breadth of materials from quartz to copper, marble to concrete, and in enticing finishes like brushed nickel, antique copper, slate, and ash. An integrated bathroom sink is a foolproof way to simplify the bathroom remodeling process, as it takes out some of the guesswork—and work—involved with perfectly coordinating a sink to a countertop and vanity. Want to know what else we love about integral sinks? Read on. Continue reading

  • Jenny Rausch's Irreverent Elegance

    Jenny Rausch: Designers We Love

    “Kitchens That Don’t Make Me Yawn” and “Crafts I Don’t Have Time For”—these are the names of two of Jenny Rausch’s Pinterest boards. The kitchen and bath designer confesses that the kitchens that make her yawn are the white ones, and she presumably doesn’t have time for crafts because she and her husband Todd co-own Karr Bick Kitchen + Bath in St. Louis, Missouri. Oh, plus they have three children. Continue reading

  • Make Your Kitchen Smell Like the Holidays

    Kitchen Stovetop Potpourri
    No other season is as tethered to our sense of smell as the holiday season, which so many of us associate with kitchen scents of spiced pumpkin and cinnamon apple cider and vanilla bean, of crisp pine and blue spruce.

    Though these are warm and comforting smells, most of the candles and air fresheners you’ll find in supermarkets are made of artificial ingredients and can be crammed with potentially hazardous chemicals. At Native Trails, we like to keep things natural, right down to our air fresheners, and we love this seasonal olfactory masterpiece to replace our standard homemade lavender room freshener. There’s nothing quite as delicious-smelling as potpourri that’s simmered on the kitchen stove—whether it’s put on for a special occasion or just because. Plus, it’s what your grandmother did, and tradition is tops this time of year. Continue reading

  • Seven Gifts That Give Back to Charity

    What’s better than giving during the holiday season? Giving a gift that gives even beyond the initial recipient – where proceeds go to charity. Making a difference by putting our dollars toward a good cause feels good all around.

    At Native Trails, we hear great feedback about our Share the Love campaign, which designates a portion of proceeds to children’s charities - so we thought we’d share the love even more by compiling a few other favorite gifts that give back.

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  • Stylish and Sustainable Materials for the Bath

    Naomi Neilson Howard, Founder and CEO

    This article originally appeared in GreenLodgingNews.com.

    Sustainable materials aren’t always what springs to mind when one envisions a luxurious bathroom. It’s true that the two haven’t always gone hand in hand: For some, sustainability paints a picture of austerity, while luxury brings to mind lavish extravagance. Thankfully, that paradigm is shifting, and the selection of sustainable luxury products for the bath is swelling. Sustainably sourced materials for the bath include those that are recycled or reclaimed, rapidly renewable, and/or certified as sustainable. Durability is supremely important, as a longer-lasting material will not need to be replaced as quickly and thus won’t take up space in a landfill.

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  • Decorating for Your Rustic Retreat

    Allure of Cabin Rustic Décor

    Rustic Decor Bathroom with Hana Copper Sinks Hana hammered copper sinks

    "Rustic is not what it used to be,” writes designer Emily Henson in her book Modern Rustic. “Gone are the days when rustic style meant beds made from logs, antlers above a stone fireplace and acres of tartan. Today, the look and its ingredients have had an original rethink.” Rustic décor may not be so literal these days, but it’s just as fun as it ever was. In lake houses, ski lodges, off-the-beaten-path cottages, and cabins, the ordinary rules about decorating are not invited. Not unlike designing a nursery, where we’re “allowed” to create imaginative retreats, these vacation hideaways can offer more freedom to play with textures, colors, and even themes. In fact, some of our favorite photos of Native Trails products come from homes atop snowy hillsides or nestled at the end of a long drive to the lake. But even if you live nowhere near the woods or the ski slopes, the free spirit that prevails when designing a rustic space can still be yours. Whether it’s cabin décor or lake house décor you’re after, there are some easy ways to evoke it. Continue reading

  • What to Love about Vessel Sinks


    One of the interesting things about the vessel sink is that so many designers and kitchen and bath pros have a different take on how to use them—preferring them in different types of spaces and to suit different styles and clients. Where there is definitely consensus is this: If you are looking for visual oomph, a vessel sink is a way to go. We’ve seen them used in many wonderful ways, but we’ll let our round-up of experts do the talking about what’s to love most about the vessel sink:

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  • Jamie Banfield - West Coast Style

    Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design, Vancouver, BC

    “A well thought-out design should stimulate your sense of smell, sight, sound, and touch,” states Jamie Banfield, industry personality and principal designer of Jamie Banfield Design, an interior and furniture design firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Look through the firm’s portfolio, and one quickly realizes that this statement isn’t just hyperbole. Jamie is well known for his contemporary West Coast style, incorporating elements that are a delight to the senses. And while he designs all sorts of spaces, his focus is on kitchens and baths because they offer the “most opportunity to have an impact on a home.” His designs are also having an impact on the industry; Jamie was recently recognized by the National Kitchen and Bath Association as one of its top 30 Under 30 in North America, and he frequently lends his style advice on stage and in print. Continue reading

  • Lena Brion - Creator at Heart

    Designers We Love: Lena Brion, Brion Design, Inc.

    “I cannot think of a time when I was not creating something or thinking of creating something,” says Lena Brion, who leads Brion Design, a San Diego area interior design firm she opened in 2000. In the beginning of her career, the Vancouver Island-born designer specialized in high-end corporate interiors and healthcare projects, dreaming up some surprisingly stylish hospital rooms, but in time, residential kitchens and baths emerged as her favorite projects because, she says, “they’re closer to people’s hearts.” Her first foray into residential design happened by chance when a friend called in a favor and asked her to design their kitchen. To her surprise, in 2005 that kitchen won Lena “Grand Prize Kitchen of the Year” from local magazine, San Diego Home Garden Lifestyle, signaling a new focus on her work. Today, residential projects are the scene-stealers in the Brion Design portfolio, and Lena is no stranger to awards, having most recently won “Bath of the Year” from San Diego Home & Garden. Continue reading

  • Copper: the Traditional Seventh Anniversary Gift

    Seventh Anniversary Copper Heart Ornament Wedding anniversaries are important milestones in a marriage, celebrations of how long the couple has been together and their commitment to one another. To mark this important annual occasion, many couples consult the traditional anniversary gift list, which was first developed in the United Kingdom during the 1800s. These gifting guidelines made their way across the pond and were embraced in the U.S. in the early 1900s. Whether it’s your spouse you’ll bestow with a token of your affection or another loved one, the list of traditional anniversary gifts serves as a helpful (and endearingly old-timey) cheat sheet, taking some of the guesswork out of gifting and ensuring that the gift carries special meaning.

    Seven Years of Marriage: The Traditional Gift

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  • 5 Reasons a Trough Sink May Be Right for Your Bathroom

    Copper Trough Sink Copper Trough 48" in Brushed Nickel Finish

    We’re just not leaning on hyperbole when we say we love a trough sink. Not so long ago, we delved into their history in a post detailing how the trough moved from field to farmhouse to become one of today’s design world darlings. But this post is our true ode to the trough sink. Curious about all the hype? Continue reading

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