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  • Swedish Country Meets California Cool

    Design Inspiration from Ulrica Wihlborg

    Ulrica Wihlborg

    In 2012, after 16 years of interviewing celebrities for People magazine cover stories, Ulrica Wihlborg moved from Hollywood to a quiet coastal town in Sweden with her husband and three young children. “I had to give up a career I had loved for many years, and my circle of friends, and the year-around California sunshine,” says Wihlborg. “What ‘saved’ me was actually the planning of the interiors of our new home.”

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  • How to Get White Right in the Kitchen and Bath

    An Interview with Designer Kishani Perera


    When Kishani Perera was a teenager, the eclectic bedroom she created for herself landed in a local newspaper feature about cool teen rooms. Today the Los Angeles-based interior designer receives press that is much grander—think Elle Decor, Lonny and HGTV Magazine; but the subject is the same: Kishani’s otherworldly talent for pulling together layered spaces filled with whimsical accents, statement tile and vintage furniture. She has to divorce herself from a lifelong compulsion to collect the latter—read on to hear why.

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  • Designer Michel Smith Boyd Tells You How to Nail the Rose Gold Trend in Home Design

    Copper and Rose Gold  
    Designer Michel Smith Boyd Michel Smith Boyd

    Metallic accents define Michel Smith Boyd’s aesthetic. Well, metallics and moody textiles. OK, and layered accessories. Boyd is no minimalist, and he’s not shy about going all out with glamour, even in the most utilitarian of spaces—the kitchen and bath. The Atlanta-based designer, who has appeared everywhere from the pages of Elle Decor to this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, has become known for artfully mixing metals and spiking his designs with rose gold.

    After Boyd absolutely killed a Palm Springs powder room in the Christopher Kennedy Compound show house during Modernism Week last year—making a rose gold faucet its unexpected centerpiece—Vogue quoted him as saying: “In the world of hardware finishes, rose gold became the new rock star. Entire bath designs have been inspired by and built around the distinctive color. Hardware is literally jewelry.”

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  • 6 Tips for Designing a Home That Makes You Happy

    Boston Interior Designer Shares Ideas for Creating Feel-Good Spaces

     Elizabeth Swartz, ASID, Boston Interior Designer, Guest Blogger

    Elizabeth Swartz, ASID

    Guest Blogger


    How do you get a house to really look and feel like your home? Design and decorate your rooms so they look like people really live there and be invested in your home emotionally as well as financially. My focus in the 30-plus years I’ve practiced interior design has been on designing rooms that change the way people experience their homes.

    Here are some of my top tips for creating a home that makes you happy:

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  • The Very Versatile Melinda Guglietta

    Melinda Guglietta, Designers We Love

    Melinda Guglietta, a senior designer at Bespoke of Winchester, has given kitchens, pantries, and living spaces throughout Massachusetts and New England a tailor-made touch. Befitting its name, Bespoke is obsessed with personalized details, with a focus on the custom-built cabinetry crafted in its 10,000 square-foot state-of-the-art workshop. Continue reading

  • The Colorful Story of Gabriele Pizzale


    Gabriele Pizzale

    Gabriele Pizzale’s design style doesn’t fall far from her personal style: A signature blend of never-boring neutrals is so often set off by a pop—of texture, of color, of wonderful detail. Exhibit A: Gabriele’s pop of red hair. The Toronto-based owner of Gabriele Pizzale Design hails from the fashion industry and was a fashion design major in college. In fact, it was her intuition about the latest trends that led her to a 12-year stint as a design expert on “Cityline,” the longest running and most successful daytime show for women in Canadian history. Continue reading

  • Linda Evans: Making Projects Sing


    When Linda Evans was just ten years old, her parents undertook a renovation on their family farmhouse—an experience the Portland area designer calls a “memory milestone.” After helping her mom lay out their dream kitchen—which included the selection of copper appliances and wallpaper—Linda was hooked. From that point on, she knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up: a designer. Continue reading

  • Jenny Rausch's Irreverent Elegance

    Jenny Rausch: Designers We Love

    “Kitchens That Don’t Make Me Yawn” and “Crafts I Don’t Have Time For”—these are the names of two of Jenny Rausch’s Pinterest boards. The kitchen and bath designer confesses that the kitchens that make her yawn are the white ones, and she presumably doesn’t have time for crafts because she and her husband Todd co-own Karr Bick Kitchen + Bath in St. Louis, Missouri. Oh, plus they have three children. Continue reading

  • Jamie Banfield - West Coast Style

    Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design, Vancouver, BC

    “A well thought-out design should stimulate your sense of smell, sight, sound, and touch,” states Jamie Banfield, industry personality and principal designer of Jamie Banfield Design, an interior and furniture design firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Look through the firm’s portfolio, and one quickly realizes that this statement isn’t just hyperbole. Jamie is well known for his contemporary West Coast style, incorporating elements that are a delight to the senses. And while he designs all sorts of spaces, his focus is on kitchens and baths because they offer the “most opportunity to have an impact on a home.” His designs are also having an impact on the industry; Jamie was recently recognized by the National Kitchen and Bath Association as one of its top 30 Under 30 in North America, and he frequently lends his style advice on stage and in print. Continue reading

  • Lena Brion - Creator at Heart

    Designers We Love: Lena Brion, Brion Design, Inc.

    “I cannot think of a time when I was not creating something or thinking of creating something,” says Lena Brion, who leads Brion Design, a San Diego area interior design firm she opened in 2000. In the beginning of her career, the Vancouver Island-born designer specialized in high-end corporate interiors and healthcare projects, dreaming up some surprisingly stylish hospital rooms, but in time, residential kitchens and baths emerged as her favorite projects because, she says, “they’re closer to people’s hearts.” Her first foray into residential design happened by chance when a friend called in a favor and asked her to design their kitchen. To her surprise, in 2005 that kitchen won Lena “Grand Prize Kitchen of the Year” from local magazine, San Diego Home Garden Lifestyle, signaling a new focus on her work. Today, residential projects are the scene-stealers in the Brion Design portfolio, and Lena is no stranger to awards, having most recently won “Bath of the Year” from San Diego Home & Garden. Continue reading

  • Diana Vincent: Simple, Sophisticated Rustic Design

    Diana Vincent  

    Visit High Camp Home’s website, and you’ll find a treasure trove of rustic home furnishings and sophisticated cabin décor. Now click through to their Design Services, and you’ll see just how magically those furnishings and décor can be combined. These stunning designs can all be attributed to the High Camp Home Design team, led by Founder and Principal Designer, Diana Vincent. Diana started her career in interior design in Toronto in 1995, then moved on to various locations in the U.S. before landing in the mountain town of Lake Tahoe, CA, home to a plethora of log cabins, farmhouses, and ranches – perfect for Diana’s “simple, sophisticated rustic design” style. Continue reading

  • Melissa Destree's Arcadian Designs

    Melissa Destree 

    Melissa Destree has a history of detailed and collaborative projects – from working with large multidiscipline teams on intricate research and development projects, to corporate interior and healthcare-related projects, to residential projects. Continue reading

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