• Single Bowl vs. Double Bowl

    Top designers weigh in on the merits of single and double basin sinks

    Single Bowl VS Double Bowl

    Since the invention of the kitchen sink, homeowners and designers have been debating the merits of a single bowl vs. a double bowl. On the one hand, a double basin makes washing dishes a snap – one side serves to hold soapy water and dirty dishes while the other side is reserved to keep them clean. On the other hand, single basins can be real space savers (often coming in a wider range of sizes than their divided counterparts) and they can be roomier for washing pots and pans. We could make endless arguments for both sides but the truth is it comes down to personal preference. Need some inspiration to make your choice? See below for some of our favorite single and double bowl installations and hear what some of our favorite designers have to say about each.

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  • Swedish Country Meets California Cool

    Design Inspiration from Ulrica Wihlborg

    Ulrica Wihlborg

    In 2012, after 16 years of interviewing celebrities for People magazine cover stories, Ulrica Wihlborg moved from Hollywood to a quiet coastal town in Sweden with her husband and three young children. “I had to give up a career I had loved for many years, and my circle of friends, and the year-around California sunshine,” says Wihlborg. “What ‘saved’ me was actually the planning of the interiors of our new home.”

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  • Why Polished Metals Can Really Make a Space Shine


    The beauty of our polished finishes lies in their ability to work in a variety of different spaces. They can add warmth and interest to almost any kitchen or bath style. Take a look at some of our favorite Polished Nickel and Polished Copper installations and get inspired to shine!

    Polished Nickel Bar Sink "Let's never go back to boring old sinks, agreed? Just kidding - but really, we're so glad we added a little sparkle to this bar area!" @whelandesignhouse

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  • Native Trails Talks to HGTV Designer Leanne Ford on her quirky design aesthetic and finding creative inspiration everywhere.

    “Design isn’t precious. Try new things.” -Leanne Ford

    Designer Leanne Ford

    HGTV’s “Restored by the Fords” follows the Ford siblings as they restore unconventional older homes in their hometown of Pittsburgh. Leanne lends the projects her delightfully quirky design aesthetic and her brother Steve brings his construction expertise to the table. The result is a binge worthy series that brings to life Leanne’s motto “The difference between weird and wonderful is good design.”

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  • Let the Inspiration Soak In

    10 Inspirational Soaking Tub Installations

    Aspen, Aurora, Avalon, Santorini—each Native Trails bathtub is as unique and naturally beautiful as the legendary place for which it was named. Whether handcrafted of recycled copper or our NativeStone blend of cement and jute fiber, these functional works of art add a ‘wow’ factor to any bathroom. Here are 10 of our favorite installations.

    Sonoma Bathroom

    1. NativeStone Avalon Tub in Pearl

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  • Tour a Chic Modern Farmhouse

    Kelle Contine Interior Design Takes Us for a Turn Around This Masterful Austin Home

    Home at Sunset  

    The 2017 Rough Hollow Parade of Homes – an annual event in Austin, TX that showcases the newest trends in construction, building design, interior décor, and landscape in one of the most vibrant real estate communities in the country – provided designers Erin Judge and Nicki Perez the perfect opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind luxury spec home. Judge and Perez of Kelle Contine Interior Design aligned on a plan for a modern farmhouse with a twist – drawing from a limited color palette, dialing up interest with raw materials, bold tile, textural wallcoverings, sculptural lighting selections, and concrete sinks and bathtubs by Native Trails.

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  • Meet Pearl: You’re Going to Love Her

    5 Reasons to Fall for Our One-of-a-Kind White Finish

    Farmhouse Quartet Design by Nancy Blandford, featuring Farmhouse Quartet

    Since the introduction of our NativeStone® sinks and tubs in 2014, they have been available in three finishes: Ash, which provides the traditional mottled gray color you think of when you think of concrete; Slate, a much darker gray, nearly a charcoal; and Pearl, a one-of-a-kind white finish that is practically perfect in every way.

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  • How to Get White Right in the Kitchen and Bath

    An Interview with Designer Kishani Perera


    When Kishani Perera was a teenager, the eclectic bedroom she created for herself landed in a local newspaper feature about cool teen rooms. Today the Los Angeles-based interior designer receives press that is much grander—think Elle Decor, Lonny and HGTV Magazine; but the subject is the same: Kishani’s otherworldly talent for pulling together layered spaces filled with whimsical accents, statement tile and vintage furniture. She has to divorce herself from a lifelong compulsion to collect the latter—read on to hear why.

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  • 10 Wow-Worthy Wet Bars

    These spectacular cocktail-making stations all feature an artisanal bar sink

    Wet Bars

    Though a wet bar is a mainstay in most luxury homes, its design, size and location within the home vary widely. The general compactness of this space—and the loosening-of-the-necktie and kicking-off-of-the-heels that it implies—mean it often becomes a showcase for a designer’s creativity.

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  • 8 Trends in Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

    Kitchen and Bath Trends  

    Now that we’re halfway through 2017, the ever-evolving kitchen and bathroom design trends that will define and enliven our industry this year have taken shape. As we reflected on our time spent at kitchen and bath trade shows as well as our many conversations with industry experts, shelter magazine editors, consumers and interior designers, eight trends in kitchen and bathroom sinks emerged.

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  • Our Bestselling Vanity Is Now Bigger Than Ever

    The Americana Vanity is newly available in a 48” size and with a coordinating NativeStone® vanity top

    Americana Vanity 48" Americana Vanity in Whitewash with NativeStone Palomar Vanity Top with Integrated Sink in Pearl

    “They don’t make them like they used to.” You’ve probably heard that a time or two about products these days. But in this era of fast fashion and hours-of-assembly-required furniture, one of our company’s founding principles was to make things like they used to be made: by hand, and in deference to tradition. We believe that’s the only way to achieve one-of-a-kind character.

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  • 5 Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Vanity Top Makeover

    Palomar NativeStone Vanity Top  

    How to Choose the Best Vanity Top for Your Sustainable Bathroom

    Want to up the sustainability factor of your bathroom remodel? Here are five excellent eco-friendly materials to consider for your new vanity top.

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