Copper Toothbrush Holder
Hammered Copper Toothbrush Holder (CPB242T) Copper Toothbrush Holder

Copper Toothbrush Holder

Handcrafted copper bathroom accessory

Product #CPB242T
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Complete the décor of your bathroom with a Copper Toothbrush Holder. The rich hand-hammered texture brings warmth and depth to any counter, while the 100% recycled copper delivers the durability you need for something that you'll use every day.


Copper: A Living Metal

the copper toothbrush holder is not lacquered or sealed, so no harsh chemicals have been added to impede the natural benefits of copper. The toothbrush holder will develop character over time as the copper reacts to the environment. If acidic substances, such as toothpaste, are left on the metal for as prolonged period of time the finish may be affected, however the living metal will "heal" or re-patina, often within a few days. Copper's beauty lies in its constant metamorphosis which guarantees no two pieces are ever alike.




  • 3 1/4" diameter, 4" high



  • Care & Cleaning


    • • 3 1/4" diameter, 4" high



    • • Artisan crafted
    • • Hand hammered, recycled copper