Talavera House Address Tile #0, Peaches Series, 3" X 5"

House Address Number 0 in Peaches

Hand-Painted tile house numbers

Product #TVR9020
Availability: Discontinued

Each 3 x 5 hand-painted Talavera House Address Tile #0 in the Peaches Series will provide an eye-catching personal statement at the entrance of your home. This bold design highlights the dynamic colors of the zinnia blossom nestled within a bright golden frame and dramatic blue backdrop.


Artisan crafted entirely by hand using centuries-old techniques, Native Trails Talavera tile house numbers are made from a combination of local clays, hand-painted and fired twice at high temperatures for durability.



  • • 3" x 5"



  • • Hand-painted
  • • Twice-fired for durability