• Walk on the Wild Side with an Exquisite and Stylish Powder Room

    Bump up the drama to create the most talked-about room in the house.

    Montecito NativeStone powder room sink Montecito concrete sink installed in a rustic powder room by Gabriele Pizzale.

    Get ready to have some fun: The powder room is where you can live out your wildest design fantasies. That splashy wallpaper you’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on? The inky paint color that you love but are shy about swathing an entire room in? The pricey tile you would give your eye teeth for? The powder room is where it all belongs. Perhaps not all of it at the same time, but then again, why not? Here are five ideas for creating a powder room that will be your favorite room:

    Create dramatic walls

    The world is your oyster, and so are your powder room walls. Take the opportunity to be bold—choose a wild or wildly sophisticated wallpaper, pick a favorite paint color off your Pinterest page, or install the Joanna Gaines-approved shiplap paneling you’ve been swooning over on Fixer Upper Continue reading

  • Brains, Brawn & Beauty: the Three Bs of Brushed Nickel

    Why Hammered Brushed Nickel is the Best Finish for a Luxury Sink 

    Farmhouse kitchen sink in brushed nickel Farmhouse Duet hammered copper kitchen sink in Brushed Nickel.

    Brushed Nickel: So beautiful, yet so many questions! How is the finish achieved? How does it hold up? Is it easy to maintain? How does it compare with stainless steel? Why would I choose Native Trails’ Brushed Nickel over a traditional stainless steel sink or another luxurious alternative?

    The short of it: Yes, our Brushed Nickel is very durable and super easy to maintain. Due to the hammered and brushed texture, it is incredibly forgiving. Those nicks, dents, and scratches that occur during everyday use make a stainless steel sink look beat-up over time, but they are hardly visible in a hammered nickel sink. Ours is considered more luxurious and eye-catching than stainless steel, and our processes for achieving this finish are a big reason as to why it maintains its luxe appeal over time. Continue reading

  • Top 10 Times Native Trails Appeared on "Property Brothers"

    Drew and Jonathan Scott have inspired their fans with Native Trails products for many seasons

    Paragon Kitchen Sink Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott, along with homeowners Kevin and Suzanne, show off jazz hands in a new kitchen featuring our Paragon kitchen sink in Brushed Nickel

    The hit home renovation reality TV series “Property Brothers” has done an incredible job of bringing Native Trails products to life on the small screen over several seasons. Since 2015, the identical twins have repeatedly turned to our artisan-made fixtures and accents to add texture and luxury to their designs—inspiring HGTV viewers in America and W Network viewers in Canada and thrilling our design team. The show, along with sister program “Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch,” has now included our copper sinks, range hoods, barn wood vanities, mirrors, tables and other hammered metal accessories in its home overhauls. (Both series are still airing; review the schedule here. For those of you Native Trails and/or “Property Brothers” diehards, here are highlights from some of our favorite episodes:

    Continue reading

  • Selecting a Bathroom Sink Drain Finish

    Choose the Right Drain Finish for Copper or Concrete Bathroom Sinks

    Maestro Lotus bathroom sink in Antique paired with Teardrop Drain in Oil Rubbed Bronze Maestro Lotus bathroom sink in Antique paired with Teardrop Drain in Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Now that you have found your perfect bathroom sink, there are other decisions to make: namely, what is the best faucet and drain for your sink and your space? For faucet guidance, see our bathroom faucet guide. As for the sink drain—that seemingly inconsequential piece of this plumbing puzzle—find out more about Native Trails’ four bathroom sink drains and how to install them, and read on for our sink drain finish insights and tips.

    Diminutive though it may be, the drain has a big job to do, not to mention that it can effectively tie together the sink and faucet combo you have so carefully selected. We often get asked about the best drain finish for a copper sink or for a NativeStone® sink. Not only are Native Trails sink drains designed to function perfectly with all our sinks, but our five finish colors—Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Weathered Copper—coordinate beautifully with our copper and concrete sinks while also allowing room for customization. Continue reading

  • Why Sink Grids are the Kitchen Accessories You’ll Wonder How You Lived Without

    The Best and Easiest Way to Keep Your Kitchen Sink Looking New

    Farmhouse 2418 concrete sink and coordinating bottom grids Farmhouse 2418 concrete sink and coordinating sink grid in stainless steel.

    Once you’ve done the hard part—or the fun part, depending on how into kitchen and bath design you are—of picking out the kitchen sink of your dreams, you’ll want to know how to protect it so that it remains the kitchen sink of your dreams. (No hyperbole here, we promise; there is, in fact, such a thing as a kitchen sink worth dreaming about. The farmhouse sink in particular has inspired more than a few sweet dreams.

    While there’s plenty out there on the subject of how to clean or polish your sink, there’s little on how to prevent damage to your sink floor—so often subject to high temperatures, abrasive surfaces, acidic foods, sharp utensils, harsh cleaning products, and so on.

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  • A Basic Guide for Bathroom Sink Drain Selection

    Cuyama bathroom sink with 1.5" Dome Drain Cuyama concrete bathroom sink with 1.5" Dome Drain

    A quality drain is essential to complement a finely crafted basin. We have searched high and low to find and perfect the best quality, most innovative and high-functioning designs in the industry. After all, if our bathroom sinks are designed to last, we want our bathroom sink drains to do the same. Each Native Trails drain is best of class: made of a thick 17-gauge metal with high-quality plating.

    Choosing a Sink Drain for Your Copper Bathroom Sink

    Perfect fit and seamless coordination are priorities when choosing a sink drain. Most sink drains out there do not thread all the way up, requiring the use of a spacer, which can be quite a hassle for the unsuspecting plumber. This is one reason we strongly recommend pairing a Native Trails copper lavatory sink with a Native Trails sink drain: our drains thread all the way up, creating a snug fit against the bottom of the basin, and installers love us for supplying the perfect drain for the job.

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  • Linda Evans: Making Projects Sing


    When Linda Evans was just ten years old, her parents undertook a renovation on their family farmhouse—an experience the Portland area designer calls a “memory milestone.” After helping her mom lay out their dream kitchen—which included the selection of copper appliances and wallpaper—Linda was hooked. From that point on, she knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up: a designer. Continue reading

  • Native Trails Debuts NativeStone Bathtubs

    Available in showrooms June 1, Avalon concrete tubs offer lighter weight, one-of-a-kind coloration, and extraordinary stain, scratch and crack resistance.

    SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIF. (Jan. 1, 2016)Native Trails, the eco-chic company renowned for its luxurious artisan-made kitchen, bath and lifestyle products, has announced the arrival of its sleek new artisan-crafted NativeStone® bathtub, Avalon, available in two sizes, 62-inch and 72-inch. Continue reading

  • Native Trails Unveils Three New NativeStone® Sink Designs for the Kitchen, Merging Timeless Style and Function

    With multiple mounting options and distinct finishes, the NativeStone® Farmhouse 2418, Farmhouse Double Bowl and Farmhouse Quartet are exciting additions for today’s kitchen

    SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIF. (Jan. 1, 2016)Native Trails, the eco-chic company renowned for its luxurious artisan-made kitchen, bath and lifestyle products, today introduced three new NativeStone® sinks for the kitchen, including Farmhouse 2418, Farmhouse Double Bowl and Farmhouse Quartet. These three distinct styles seamlessly combine form with function and offer multiple mounting options. Available in Ash (a light, yet rich gray), Slate (a darker hue) and Pearl (a glowing off white) finishes, the sinks hit showrooms March 1, 2016. Continue reading

  • Native Trails Designs NativeStone® Bathroom Sinks With Multiple Mounting Options

    Arriving in showrooms June 1, Nipomo and Tolosa are the newest members of the company’s NativeStone Bath Collection

    SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIF. (Jan. 1, 2016)Native Trails, the eco-chic company renowned for its luxurious artisan-made kitchen, bath and lifestyle products, has announced two new NativeStone bathroom sinks - Nipomo and Tolosa. Each sink features multiple mounting options, which homeowners and design experts have identified as a huge advantage. Continue reading

  • Native Trails Expands Popular Kitchen Sink Collection with Cocina 30

    An instant design classic, Cocina 30 is available in showrooms June 1

    SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIF. (Jan. 1, 2016) – Native Trails, the eco-chic company renowned for its luxurious artisan-made kitchen, bath and lifestyle products, announces a new size in its collection of undermount kitchen sinks. Cocina 30, a new member of its Cocina Series, answers the call for the 30” standard kitchen sink. Available in two distinct finishes – Antique and Brushed Nickel – the new design arrives in showrooms June 1, 2016. Continue reading

  • 9 Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Design

    Around the world, old barns, factories, warehouses, fences, and railroad ties are getting a luxe second life in the form of a mirror here, a barn wood vanity there, and plenty of accent walls along the way. While this bathroom design trend may have begun for environmental reasons, its warm good looks ensure its popularity will continue to climb.

    Best things about reclaimed wood:

    1. Character. No two pieces are alike. Due to its history and age, reclaimed wood is often deeply textured and distinguished by visible wear marks and nail holes. In fact, Bordeaux, a wall-mounted bathroom mirror made from repurposed wine barrels from our Vintner’s Collection bears the original barrel maker's stamp—making this work of art special. Continue reading

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