• The Creative Force of Alison Whittaker

    Alison Whittaker

    Spend just a few minutes talking design with Alison Whittaker, the creative force behind Alison Whittaker Design, Inc., or perusing the portfolio on her website, and you’ll understand why she’s so well known Continue reading

  • NativeStone FAQ

    The NativeStone Collection Concrete Sinks

    What is NativeStone®?

    Introduced by Native Trails in 2014, NativeStone is an innovative, remarkably strong new material used to make the NativeStone collection of kitchen, bar/prep, and bath sinks.

    Like concrete, NativeStone is made using Continue reading

  • Jan Kepler: Local Love

    Jan Kepler

    Jan Kepler's deep love of our local landscape is her design inspiration. For many, a simple stroll on the beach is just that; for Jan, it is an adventure of the senses. Her ability to transform those experiences into a palette of texture, color, and form for her interior design Continue reading

  • The Unforgettable Charmean Neithart

    Designers We Love: Charmean Neithart Interiors

    Take a look at Charmean Neithart Interiors on Houzz.com and you will unintentionally find yourself dreaming of that next home makeover. This seems to be the effect of Charmean’s refined style; coupled with breathtaking Continue reading

  • The History of the Farmhouse Sink

    NativeStone Farmhouse Sink 3018 NativeStone Farmhouse 3018


    Love Thy Farmhouse Sink

    Long beloved for their visual appeal and ergonomic functionality, the farmhouse sink is a go-to choice in contemporary kitchen design. But not everyone is familiar with their favorite sink's background. Here, we discuss the evolution of the farmhouse sink, and how it became the functional point that we know and love today.


    Rural Dishpans: Farmhouse Sink's Humble Beginnings

    Not all that long ago, people had to haul water from lakes, rivers, and wells for all their water needs: washing dishes, boiling food, and cleaning their clothes. These early homes had dishpans and dry sinks, not connected to a plumbing system, so they needed to be filled and drained manually. This is where the farmhouse sink came into play. Also known as apron sinks, or apron front sinks, these large kitchen basins were often found in rural homes of decades past. They were originally designed for comfort; for women who spent long hours at the sink, ergonomics were important – the apron front’s forward orientation eliminated the countertop that caused them to lean forward and strain more than necessary.

      Continue reading

  • Apron Sinks in the Kitchen

    Ergonomics and Other Practical Benefits

    Pinnacle Copper Apron Sinks Pinnacle Farmhouse Sink in Antique Finish

    Apron sinks, also known as farmhouse sinks, were often found in rural homes in decades past. They were originally designed for the comfort of women who spent long, long hours at the sink. It was important to them not to have to bend over – the sink’s forward orientation eliminates the counter-top that causes the user to lean forward and strain more than necessary.

    Unlike recessed sinks, the apron sink sports a front that juts out slightly from the supporting cabinetry. Again, this was a practical design that helped prevent cabinet damage, as any water or suds that dripped over the lip would fall to the floor rather than puddle on the cabinet countertop wood. Continue reading

  • Marcio Decker: Bringing the Rustic Outdoors Inside

    Designers We Love: Marcio Decker, Aspen Leaf Interiors

    Co-owner of Aspen Leaf Interiors, Marcio is a true team player who sees each project as an opportunity to interpret and execute their client’s visions, within the parameters of the building location and the clients’ lifestyles.

    Native Trails connects with Marcio about Continue reading

  • SLO Life Magazine: Meet Naomi Neilson Howard

    SLO Life Magazine: Meet Naomi Howard

    SLO Life Magazine is the hip local magazine for San Luis Obispo, California, home of Native Trails. We can't lie - we are pretty darn excited they selected our Founder, Naomi Neilson Howard, for their Winter issue cover Continue reading

  • Seven Tips for an Efficient Holiday Kitchen


    Acacia Wood Lazy Suzan Native Trails Acacia Lazy Suzan

    "In all things, success depends on previous preparation, and without such previous preparation, there is sure to be a failure." - Confucius

    Oh, Confucius, there is no need for doom and gloom this holiday! Instead, we’ll take inspiration from these wise words. Here are seven tips for planning and organizing that will save us from entertainment or culinary fiascos, and allow us to better enjoy the festivities.

    1. Maximize Space - If you are limited on kitchen space, sort through cabinets and drawers, then organize "like with like" and give away items you haven't used in years to charity (many actually pick up at your doorstep). Continue reading
  • Creating Connection with Merry Powell

    Designers We Love: Merry Powell

    Merry Powell helps her clients live well and flourish. She strongly believes in creating a connection: to food, our earth, and our companions in life, and brings this consideration to each project. Native Trails connects with Merry on design Continue reading

  • Using Sustainable Materials in the Bath

    Sustainable Materials Americana Reclaimed Wood-Bath Vanity Americana Reclaimed Wood-Bath Vanity

    In bathroom design, aesthetics, style, and functionality are of utmost importance – and not necessarily in that order! Today’s sustainable materials step up to the challenge, celebrating practicality and showmanship. If you’re working toward green Continue reading

  • Five Tips for Selecting a Bath Vanity


    Tip #1: Choose open storage for showcasing heirlooms or linens, closed storage for cleaning supplies and personal affects. Look at your current bathroom and storage and determine your ideal design. This bathroom vanity, from the Vintner’s Collection, is handmade of reclaimed wine staves and boasts open storage shelving and closed storage drawers. There's even a "secret" removable front panel for easy plumbing access and hidden storage!

    Tip #2: Vanities that resemble dressers are a great way to get plenty of drawer storage.

      Continue reading

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