Meet the "Masters of Flip" with Native Trails at KBIS 2017

If you’re a "Masters of Flip" fan, you’ll be glad to know you can find the show’s hosts, Kortney and Dave Wilson, at the Native Trails KBIS 2017 Booth #S4608 on January 10 at 2:30 p.m. The husband and wife hosts of “Masters of Flip,” which airs on HGTV and the W Network, are big fans of all things Native Trails – from our sustainably-made products to the skillful artisan craft and our woman-owned company. The Wilsons are beloved by audiences for their tell-it-like-it-is chemistry and stellar home flips, and they have a real-life story that’s practically made for television.

Masters of Flip

The Wilsons are country music singers turned house renovators who moved from Canada to Nashville, Tennessee, in search of music careers nearly two decades ago. After meeting one another, they became roommates and a country music duo. They fell in love, started a family (they have three children together), and embarked on a winding career path.

Between music gigs, Kortney took a turn as an actress on “One Life to Live” and Dave was a server. To save money, they renovated their own house together and decided the best way to make a living (and have fun together) was to flip houses in Nashville. Meanwhile, the small screen beckoned. But “Masters of Flip,” now in its second season, doesn’t represent the couple’s first foray into reality TV: From 2009-2010, Kortney and Dave starred in CMT Canada’s house-flipping reality show “Meet the Wilsons” followed by the CMT daytime talk show “Kortney & Dave: By Request.”

In May 2015, “Masters of Flip” premiered and has become a hit based on Kortney’s prowess as a realtor, Dave’s skills as a flipper, and their shared love of reimagining real estate. In the show, they take Nashville homes that have seen better days and give them their best day yet.

“We have a great balance and we are not afraid to try new things,” says Kortney. “Contrary to other designers who have studied design their entire adult life, I am really not afraid to look silly and try things. I don’t always get it right and that’s OK. We truly are an ordinary couple who decided to step out of the box and flip houses.” They’ve now flipped more than 50 houses together.

Of the new “Masters of Flip” season, Kortney says, “I think we are taking on some of the worst houses we have ever laid eyes on. [This season] some of the projects are bigger, the time lines are more daunting, and the biggest difference is that there is a little less profit all around since Nashville is the ‘IT’ city and we have more competition. I wish we had that luxury of being a little pickier, but unfortunately houses are not readily available for renovation like they used to be in Nashville. There is lots of competition and we have to take them as they come up. We do, however, try and look for houses that are different from the last one to make it more interesting. We get bored, too, and want to shake it up a little.”

The Native Trails booth is sure to inspire! Meet Kortney and Dave Wilson at our KBIS booth (#S4608) on January 10 at 2:30 p.m.

Masters of Flip