The Native Trails Story

  • Our Bestselling Vanity Is Now Bigger Than Ever

    The Americana Vanity is newly available in a 48” size and with a coordinating NativeStone® vanity top

    Americana Vanity 48" Americana Vanity in Whitewash with NativeStone Palomar Vanity Top with Integrated Sink in Pearl

    “They don’t make them like they used to.” You’ve probably heard that a time or two about products these days. But in this era of fast fashion and hours-of-assembly-required furniture, one of our company’s founding principles was to make things like they used to be made: by hand, and in deference to tradition. We believe that’s the only way to achieve one-of-a-kind character.

    It’s also the way we build our best-selling Americana Collection. Continue reading

  • Designer Michel Smith Boyd Tells You How to Nail the Rose Gold Trend in Home Design

    Copper and Rose Gold  
    Designer Michel Smith Boyd Michel Smith Boyd

    Metallic accents define Michel Smith Boyd’s aesthetic. Well, metallics and moody textiles. OK, and layered accessories. Boyd is no minimalist, and he’s not shy about going all out with glamour, even in the most utilitarian of spaces—the kitchen and bath. The Atlanta-based designer, who has appeared everywhere from the pages of Elle Decor to this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, has become known for artfully mixing metals and spiking his designs with rose gold.

    After Boyd absolutely killed a Palm Springs powder room in the Christopher Kennedy Compound show house during Modernism Week last year—making a rose gold faucet its unexpected centerpiece—Vogue quoted him as saying: “In the world of hardware finishes, rose gold became the new rock star. Entire bath designs have been inspired by and built around the distinctive color. Hardware is literally jewelry.”

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  • The "Masters of Flip" and Native Trails at KBIS 2017

    "Masters of Flip" fans found the show’s hosts, Kortney and Dave Wilson, in the Native Trails booth at KBIS 2017. The husband and wife hosts of “Masters of Flip,” which airs on HGTV and the W Network, are big fans of all things Native Trails – from our sustainably-made products to the skillful artisan craft and our woman-owned company. The Wilsons are beloved by audiences for their tell-it-like-it-is chemistry and stellar home flips, and they have a real-life story that’s practically made for television.

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  • The (Unlikely) Inspiration Behind Native Trails Product Names

    From the Dog We Never Had to the Cocktail We Drank in Cuba

    Naomi Neilson Howard, Founder and CEO

    Of the various responsibilities I have as CEO of Native Trails, I have a particular passion for the product design and development process. From creating the designs for our most recent copper trough sink series or our new reclaimed wood bathroom vanity collection to refining the curvature of our upcoming bathtub (concrete or copper? Your guess!), there are many fun challenges along the way. One of them is finding the perfect product name. Continue reading

  • Sharing the Love: CASA for Children

    How a copper vase can help neglected and abused children

    Naomi Neilson Howard, Founder and CEO


    I realized the impact we can have with disadvantaged children early in my marriage. My husband, a clinical psychologist, was doing a lot of work with kids going through the juvenile court system -evaluating them, recommending treatment plans, and providing treatment. It is heart-wrenching work, but the thrill he got from seeing the good in these kids, from catching a glimpse of their innocence and potential for straightening out and living fulfilling, healthy lives, was only surpassed by the gratification of seeing the profound impact of early intervention. Continue reading

  • How We Share the Love and You Can Too

    Share the Love 1

    Share The Love

    Many of the things we do at Native Trails make us feel good. Most of the things, really. And we’re not just talking about taking long soaks in our mesmeric bathtubs. Rather, our company is defined in part by feel-good business and Continue reading

  • Quotes about Style and Design


    What constitutes great design? How do some designers and fashion icons establish their legacy with seeming ease? Design and style seem to be as individual Continue reading

  • Quotes about the Home

    Heart (2)

    There's something to be said about the home, and the place it holds in our hearts. Where do families and friends gather to laugh, cry, and share their dreams? Think hearty meals shared around the table, Continue reading

  • Dealer Picks: Joel Warners, Faucets N’ Fixtures

    Joel Warners of Faucets N' Fixture in Orange, California

    Two decades into his work in the kitchen and bath industry, Joel Warners, owner of Faucets N' Fixtures in Orange, California, tells us how he stumbled into his dream job, how his company rose above the recession, and how Native Trails products Continue reading

  • Dealer Picks: Dana Stephens, Snyder Diamond Pasadena

    Dana Stephens Snyder Diamond

    A Native Trails Cantina copper sink is featured in the 2014 Pasadena Showcase House of Design. Snyder Diamond, renowned for excellence in the Kitchen & Bath industry since 1949, was fundamental Continue reading

  • The Evolution of the Copper Sink

    Copper Sink Evolution

    It's one of the first metals ever to be utilized by humans, so, fortunately, there is a great pool of knowledge for this universal element. It is believed that it was discovered over 10,000 years ago and its uses have been extremely varied since then. Currently, copper is used Continue reading

  • NativeStone FAQ

    The NativeStone Collection Concrete Sinks

    What is NativeStone®?

    Introduced by Native Trails in 2014, NativeStone is an innovative, remarkably strong new material used to make the NativeStone collection of kitchen, bar/prep, and bath sinks.

    Like concrete, NativeStone is made using Continue reading

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