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  • Why Polished Metals Can Really Make a Space Shine


    The beauty of our polished finishes lies in their ability to work in a variety of different spaces. They can add warmth and interest to almost any kitchen or bath style. Take a look at some of our favorite Polished Nickel and Polished Copper installations and get inspired to shine!

    Polished Nickel Bar Sink "Let's never go back to boring old sinks, agreed? Just kidding - but really, we're so glad we added a little sparkle to this bar area!" @whelandesignhouse

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  • 6 Tips for Designing a Home That Makes You Happy

    Boston Interior Designer Shares Ideas for Creating Feel-Good Spaces

     Elizabeth Swartz, ASID, Boston Interior Designer, Guest Blogger

    Elizabeth Swartz, ASID

    Guest Blogger


    How do you get a house to really look and feel like your home? Design and decorate your rooms so they look like people really live there and be invested in your home emotionally as well as financially. My focus in the 30-plus years I’ve practiced interior design has been on designing rooms that change the way people experience their homes.

    Here are some of my top tips for creating a home that makes you happy:

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  • 5 Ways to Rethink Your Dining Room, Starting at the Table

    Forget Everything you know about the Dining Table

    NativeStone Trestle Dining Table

    What’s the easiest way to bore your dinner party guests? Sit them down at a dining room set. You know, one of those stuffy setups where the walnut chairs coordinate perfectly with the walnut table, giving off an air of meh and blah with a side of playing it safe. Continue reading

  • Walk on the Wild Side with an Exquisite and Stylish Powder Room

    Bump up the drama to create the most talked-about room in the house.

    Montecito NativeStone powder room sink Montecito concrete sink installed in a rustic powder room by Gabriele Pizzale.

    Get ready to have some fun: The powder room is where you can live out your wildest design fantasies. That splashy wallpaper you’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on? The inky paint color that you love but are shy about swathing an entire room in? The pricey tile you would give your eye teeth for? The powder room is where it all belongs. Perhaps not all of it at the same time, but then again, why not? Here are five ideas for creating a powder room that will be your favorite room:

    Create dramatic walls

    The world is your oyster, and so are your powder room walls. Take the opportunity to be bold—choose a wild or wildly sophisticated wallpaper, pick a favorite paint color off your Pinterest page, or install the Joanna Gaines-approved shiplap paneling you’ve been swooning over on Fixer Upper Continue reading

  • Top 10 Times Native Trails Appeared on "Property Brothers"

    Drew and Jonathan Scott have inspired their fans with Native Trails products for many seasons

    Paragon Kitchen Sink Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott, along with homeowners Kevin and Suzanne, show off jazz hands in a new kitchen featuring our Paragon kitchen sink in Brushed Nickel

    The hit home renovation reality TV series “Property Brothers” has done an incredible job of bringing Native Trails products to life on the small screen over several seasons. Since 2015, the identical twins have repeatedly turned to our artisan-made fixtures and accents to add texture and luxury to their designs—inspiring HGTV viewers in America and W Network viewers in Canada and thrilling our design team. The show, along with sister program “Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch,” has now included our copper sinks, range hoods, barn wood vanities, mirrors, tables and other hammered metal accessories in its home overhauls. (Both series are still airing; review the schedule here. For those of you Native Trails and/or “Property Brothers” diehards, here are highlights from some of our favorite episodes:

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  • Jenny Rausch's Irreverent Elegance

    Jenny Rausch: Designers We Love

    “Kitchens That Don’t Make Me Yawn” and “Crafts I Don’t Have Time For”—these are the names of two of Jenny Rausch’s Pinterest boards. The kitchen and bath designer confesses that the kitchens that make her yawn are the white ones, and she presumably doesn’t have time for crafts because she and her husband Todd co-own Karr Bick Kitchen + Bath in St. Louis, Missouri. Oh, plus they have three children. Continue reading

  • Make Your Kitchen Smell Like the Holidays

    Kitchen Stovetop Potpourri
    No other season is as tethered to our sense of smell as the holiday season, which so many of us associate with kitchen scents of spiced pumpkin and cinnamon apple cider and vanilla bean, of crisp pine and blue spruce.

    Though these are warm and comforting smells, most of the candles and air fresheners you’ll find in supermarkets are made of artificial ingredients and can be crammed with potentially hazardous chemicals. At Native Trails, we like to keep things natural, right down to our air fresheners, and we love this seasonal olfactory masterpiece to replace our standard homemade lavender room freshener. There’s nothing quite as delicious-smelling as potpourri that’s simmered on the kitchen stove—whether it’s put on for a special occasion or just because. Plus, it’s what your grandmother did, and tradition is tops this time of year. Continue reading

  • Decorating for Your Rustic Retreat

    Allure of Cabin Rustic Décor

    Rustic Decor Bathroom with Hana Copper Sinks Hana hammered copper sinks

    "Rustic is not what it used to be,” writes designer Emily Henson in her book Modern Rustic. “Gone are the days when rustic style meant beds made from logs, antlers above a stone fireplace and acres of tartan. Today, the look and its ingredients have had an original rethink.” Rustic décor may not be so literal these days, but it’s just as fun as it ever was. In lake houses, ski lodges, off-the-beaten-path cottages, and cabins, the ordinary rules about decorating are not invited. Not unlike designing a nursery, where we’re “allowed” to create imaginative retreats, these vacation hideaways can offer more freedom to play with textures, colors, and even themes. In fact, some of our favorite photos of Native Trails products come from homes atop snowy hillsides or nestled at the end of a long drive to the lake. But even if you live nowhere near the woods or the ski slopes, the free spirit that prevails when designing a rustic space can still be yours. Whether it’s cabin décor or lake house décor you’re after, there are some easy ways to evoke it. Continue reading

  • Native Trails Announces New Line of Hand-Hammered Copper and NativeStone Tables

    California company parlays global success of its iconic, sustainable bathroom and kitchen designs into furniture with introduction of tables to its portfolio

    Farmhouse Copper Table in Antique by Native Trails Farmhouse Copper Table in Antique by Native Trails

    SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIF. (June 1, 2015)Native Trails, the eco-chic company renowned for its luxurious artisan-made kitchen, bath and lifestyle products, enters the world of contemporary furnishings this month with its new hand-hammered copper-top and NativeStone® tables collection. The three distinctive designs in Native Trails’ dining room and conference room table collection are available in numerous sizes. They continue the company’s tradition of creating functional artisan-made pieces that make use of natural materials, including recycled copper and NativeStone.

    The Farmhouse, Trestle and Chalet Tables answer the call for quality rustic and farmhouse-style furnishings to complement today’s eclectic modern spaces. The tabletops are offered in both recycled, hammered copper and NativeStone, a sustainable concrete material. Continue reading

  • The History of the Lazy Susan

    In January 2010, an unassuming mahogany lazy susan dating back to circa 1780 went to the highest bidder at Christie’s London auction house for $3,900. The item serves as one of the earliest known examples of a lazy susan turntable. Continue reading

  • 10 Uses for a Lazy Susan

    CPO244P_Copper_Lazy Susan_30_inch

    You may have grown up with one at the center of your grandma’s table—around which “passing the peas” was infinitely more fun and easy to do—but now this timeless kitchen accessory is making a comeback in luxury homes around the world. Why? Because the spinning turntable nails that easygoing farmhouse style and packs all kinds of possibilities. Best of all, lazy susans make mealtime and party time more fun. They have a way of stealing the hearts of those who take it for a spin.

    When the copper lazy susan turntables were rolled-out in 2014, they turned into one of the bestselling decor collection items. Customers who have snapped them up tell us what a big hit they are with family members and guests. One customer even told us, “I find my kids taking extra portions of veggies just so they have an excuse to spin the turntable; they love passing things to others by setting them on the tray and giving it a whirl.” Continue reading

  • The Charming Toni Sabatino

    Toni Sabatino Interior Designer

    Right off the bat, one thing you notice about Toni Sabatino is she enjoys life and lives it to the fullest. Read through her blog or tweets, or talk to her on the phone, and you get the sense that she infuses fun into everything she does, charming and delighting those Continue reading

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