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  • What Every Lover Should Know About Copper

    5 Things to Know About Copper & Love


    For everyone who has ever sunk deep into a copper bathtub and felt like a god or goddess, there’s a reason why—and it’s not just because copper naturally conducts heat and radiates luxury. Continue reading

  • A Contemporary Home Office to Help Maximize Productivity

    Home Office Design and Décor Ideas

    Contemporary Concrete Desk  

    Last year, 24 percent of employed Americans did some or all of their work at home. This shifted focus, with more thought than ever being put into the creation of fun and efficient home office designs. This also means that what was once an unused alcove in the family home, now becomes a hub of creativity and productivity. (This can be all the more challenging when our attention spans are so easily affixed to social media, or the laundry awaiting in the next room.) Here are some expert office design ideas for a workspace that will keep you on track and show ’em who’s boss—even if the only one around to witness your professional achievements is your dog. Continue reading

  • Warm and Inviting Finishing Touches

    Style Guide: 10 Essential Autumn Dining Table Accessories

    Acacia Lazy Susan

    Leaves are tumbling from the sky, and temperatures are growing crisp enough to leave your windows open at night. You may have already invited a pumpkin-related ingredient into a recipe, and you’re likely to invite family and good friends over for brunch, a Halloween party, perhaps even a Thanksgiving celebration. Continue reading

  • Seven Gifts That Give Back to Charity

    What’s better than giving during the holiday season? Giving a gift that gives even beyond the initial recipient – where proceeds go to charity. Making a difference by putting our dollars toward a good cause feels good all around.

    At Native Trails, we hear great feedback about our Share the Love campaign, which designates a portion of proceeds to children’s charities - so we thought we’d share the love even more by compiling a few other favorite gifts that give back.

    Continue reading

  • Copper: the Traditional Seventh Anniversary Gift

    Seventh Anniversary Copper Heart Ornament Wedding anniversaries are important milestones in a marriage, celebrations of how long the couple has been together and their commitment to one another. To mark this important annual occasion, many couples consult the traditional anniversary gift list, which was first developed in the United Kingdom during the 1800s. These gifting guidelines made their way across the pond and were embraced in the U.S. in the early 1900s. Whether it’s your spouse you’ll bestow with a token of your affection or another loved one, the list of traditional anniversary gifts serves as a helpful (and endearingly old-timey) cheat sheet, taking some of the guesswork out of gifting and ensuring that the gift carries special meaning.

    Seven Years of Marriage: The Traditional Gift

    Continue reading

  • The History of Talavera Tile

    Today's “True” Talavera tile and pottery is hand-formed from the rich black and white volcanic soils in and around Puebla, Mexico, where tradition and technique define this vivid craft. But Mexico hasn’t always been Talavera’s home. The history of Talavera spans centuries, cultures and continents. Continue reading

  • The History of the Lazy Susan

    In January 2010, an unassuming mahogany lazy susan dating back to circa 1780 went to the highest bidder at Christie’s London auction house for $3,900. The item serves as one of the earliest known examples of a lazy susan turntable. Continue reading

  • New Brushed Nickel Decor and Accessories to Complement You

    Brushed Nickel Decor Brushed Nickel Decor

    Where does one go to find high quality, brushed nickel décor that perfectly coordinates with hand-hammered brushed nickel sinks and bathtubs? They go right here: the source of the sinks and bathtubs themselves, Native Trails. Adding subtle silver sheen and distinctive elegance, these home, kitchen and bath accessories can be paired with ultra-contemporary fixtures and furnishings as well as old-world and turn-of-the-century pieces Continue reading

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