Vintner's Collection Bath Furniture

VINTAGE DESIGN. Show discerning taste with this beautifully functional furniture, reincarnated from salvaged wine-making materials.


The Vintner’s Collection gives a second life to oak barrels and staves from the heart of California's wine country, repurposed as elegant bathroom vanities and mirrors. Savor the clean, timeless styling; drink in the handcrafted durability and easy maintenance.


Set Descending Direction


Set Descending Direction
Artisan crafted from salvaged wine-making materials, the Vintner's Collection is infused with each varietal’s colors and tannins. These oak barrels and staves from the heart of California's wine country are given a second life as beautifully functional mirrors and bathroom vanities - whether a freestanding or wall mounted vanity is your preference. Create a wine-themed bathroom complete with a reclaimed wood bath vanity made out of wine staves or reclaimed barrels, along with a reclaimed wood mirror. Rather have a wine-themed entertaining space? Our wine barrel vanity is a sure-fire conversation-starter as a wet bar. Each of these reclaimed wood bathroom vanities is eco-friendly to boot.